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After the arrival of a newborn, both the child and the mother require an abundance of tender loving care. This time, often referred to as the fourth trimester, can be a mix of beauty, crazy, awe, stress, love, magic, and emotions, sometimes all rolled into one!

During this time, the mother is usually the primary caregiver for the newborn, with support from the partner. The mother provides the child essential nutrients through breastfeeding (when possible), and both partners create a safe, warm, and comforting environment for the baby. It’s worth noting that if a breastfeeding mother’s own nutrient levels are inadequate, she may not pass them on to her child. Throughout pregnancy, the growing foetus takes precedence when it comes to maternal nutrients. However, this shifts once the baby is born. The mother’s body now prioritises her own needs and gives the baby only what she is replete in. Therefore, it is crucial to prioritise and care for the mother’s diet and nutrient levels.

Ideally, the mother of the newborn has a support network of people to ensure she receives the TLC she needs. This includes having access to nourishing meals and has easy-to-grab nutrient-rich snacks (preferably ones that can be eaten with one hand as the other is holding a baby!). Emotional support and wisdom on navigating the challenges of new parenthood are often just as important. On our resources page, we recommend a book for the first 40 days postpartum, which includes some great recipes and tips for the mother and those supporting her. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to this support for various reasons.

We understand that during this transformative period of welcoming a newborn, it can be almost impossible to find time to care for oneself, including attending appointments like acupuncture. We’ve seen over the years that many mothers-to-be have the good intention to continue their treatments after the baby is born, but they realise this is not a possibility. We want to assuage new mothers that this is normal and perfectly fine.

However, the postpartum period can also bring about health challenges for new mothers, with postpartum depression being one of the most well-known. Breastfeeding issues are also common and can be quite distressing for the new parents. At The Fertility Pod, we have helped many women through this time using acupuncture, herbal medicine, dietary guidance, and nutrition.

We offer nutrition and naturopathy via Telehealth, providing a convenient way for mothers and their partners to receive support without leaving the comfort of their own homes and the needs of their baby.

Some of our experienced acupuncturists also specialise in infant and child health, offering gentle acupressure and acupuncture tailored for young ones.
Please know that we are here for you, including partners! Whether you need a consultation, a treatment, or just a friendly chat, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Your wellbeing and that of your baby are our top priorities.

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